COVID-19 Policy and Procedures

It is with great concern and intent that we at Hawk River Construction follow the guided principals of the Government of Ontario and its health officials to protect our workers and community alike. To fulfill such demands, we have implemented the following initiatives to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As information continually changes, these initiatives are susceptible to change and/or further aggressive action.

Under the Government’s authority, Hawk River Construction is deemed an essential business as it offers the service of Construction. However, we greatly understand the responsibility of being an essential service and have implemented the following precautions to ensure the health and safety of our workers and community.

Preventative Measures:

1. Communication
It is our desire to effectively communicate any changes of this or any policy to our employees, contractors, clients and community as they may occur. As such, we will be communicating such changes via the following platforms: email, website, Instagram and Facebook, in conjunction with direct communication with our employees.

2. Sanitization
With the suggestion of global health officials, Hawk River will be sanitizing all surfaces with special attention to high traffic surfaces on a regular and daily basis. In addition to direct education, Ontario issued posters with proper hygiene care have been clearly displayed to remind employees of the vital importance to persistently wash hands and avoid spreading germs. Beyond the vital importance of hand washing, employees are strongly encouraged to: avoid touching eyes, nose and/or mouth, cover coughs or sneezes with tissue. Subsequent immediate disposal of tissue and sanitation of hands. All employees who are ill or feel symptoms will be sent home to ensure their and everyone’s safety. Each employee has been equipped with hand sanitizer and their own cleaning supplies in order to prevent contact with one another.

3. Spatial Compliance
Furthermore, with compliance to the new order from the Government of Ontario, we will be ensuring no more than five individuals in one area of work. With the exception of projects requiring more employees, strict spatial requirements will be followed. Physical distancing of 2 meters or more will be enforced, so long as it is safe to do so. Certain circumstance will require individuals to be closer for proper communication, especially around equipment or performing specific work procedures. Should space been impeached due to safety, individuals will wear masks and ensure contact is not made.

In addition to spatial requirements, Hawk River has implemented that all: trucks, dump trucks, equipment and tools shall be assigned to one employee at a time. No such changes will be made unless the item is diligently sanitized. Lunch breaks will be staggered to meet physical distancing compliance. As well, we will ensure that all employees are equipped with proper and effective Personal Protective Equipment.

4. Restrictions
Office – Our office is open; however, we suggest that all payments and queries be left to telecommunication, email (e-transfer) and mail. We are open Monday to Friday from 7:00am – 5:00pm.

Pits – In regards to our pits and aggregate, we offer aggregate delivery. However, should you prefer to pick up your own aggregate, we ask that you make an appointment.

Site – We expect all visitors to comply with these preventative measures. We ask that visitors come wearing Personal Protective Equipment; however, if proper Personal Protective Equipment (i.e. Mask and Gloves) are not available to you, please notify us prior to your visit and we will do our best to supply.

If any potential visitors feel sick or ill, we ask that you do not come to any of our locations.

5. Assessment
Hawk River Construction has and will continually collect exposure assessments under the direction of the Ministry through the completion of an Intake Form. It is required that all: owners, consultants, engineers, sub-trades, suppliers or any authorised visitors fill out and submit said Intake Form to the Site Superintendent, who will then submit to Human Resources. Form must be completed prior to acceptance on site. Site Superintendents shall notify Human Resources or Senior Management of any changes made aware thereafter.

6. Education
Hawk River Construction is paying close attention to the ever-changing information related to COVID-19. Information is generously shared with our employees to ensure transparency and safety. Hawk River is prepared to take further precautions to ensure the safety of its employees and community.

7. Disciplinary Action
With respect to the global impact preventative measures take, Hawk River will, if necessary, enforce disciplinary action to employees who refuse to follow the preventative measures above.

8. Reporting
The Ontario Government strongly encourages that any worker who is displaying symptoms to stay home and report their symptoms to their telehealth line: 1-800-797-0000 or to take the online self-assessment located on their website: If an employee has tested positive, we understand that we are to report this incident to the Ministry of Labour immediately along with following all measures deemed necessary by the Ministry of Labour.

9. Non-Medical Mask and Face Covering Mandate
Unit further notice, wearing a mask within our facility will be a requirement effective July 13, 2020. This is deemed a requirement as a response to the direction from the Medical Officer of Health for the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit (HKPR); under the authority of Ontario Regulation 263/20- Stage 2 Closures s 4.(2) of the provincial Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA). As such, all persons entering our office or shop shall wear a mask. Health officials have made exception to this mandate as follows:
If the person is a child under the age of two years; or a child under the age of five years who is developmentally delayed and refuses to wear a mask,
If the person is unable to remove their mask without assistance,
If the person, for any medical reason cannot safely wear a mask,
If the person for religious reasons cannot wear a mask or face covering or cannot cover the face in a manner that would be effective.